Monday, September 7, 2009

For Dale Ann & Sorrel: A Labor of Love

Having spent many years as a perinatal nurse, I always wind up thinking about mothers on Labor Day, reflecting on the incredible work that's just beginning on the day a baby is born. So I was taken back today when I found a link to Modern Healthcare featuring patient safety advocacy by mothers who have lost children as a result of medical error. And remembered that Sorrel King's book, Josie's Story, would be published tomorrow.

These are labors most painful.

Visit the Modern Healthcare site and read Sorrel's book anyway. You'll see my friend Dale Ann Micalizzi on the cover of Modern Healthcare. I met Dale Ann through Twitter, Facebook, and shared connections in the patient safety world. She graciously recounted her family's story--one that includes a non-profit pediatric patient safety organization named for her late son, Justin--for an article I wrote last month. More about Dale Ann and Justin's Hope will appear in the Medscape article that's in press.

Sorrel King's daughter, Josie, was just a toddler when she died at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2001. Sorrel has become a tireless patient advocate advancing Rapid Response Teams and processes that maximize patient and family involvement when clinical conditions worsen. A post I wrote last week, Before there were Rapid Reponses Teams.... came in response to a call put out by The Josie King Foundation asking more families to share their stories.

Today, Dale Ann, Sorrel and others continue the tradition of laboring on behalf of their children. Only this year, and for all the years to come, their efforts will help other families avoid the circumstances that harmed their own.

We all need to take a deep breath. And push.

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