Thursday, May 14, 2009

Change of Shift reflections

The nursing blog carnival Change of Shift is up this morning at Emergiblog, with links to posts that will inspire! There's some sort of post-Nurses Week, Trek-y thing going on over there that made me smile.

My favorite part of Nurses Week was cycling to Flo & Bo's Nurses Week playlist with my YMCA Group Cycling compatriots, most of whom had a nurse to honor. The warm-up began with Julie Andrews singing, "Just a Spoonful of Sugar" (which really freaked out the younger folks and caused non-cyclers to pop into the studio to assess the situation). But "Live and Let Die" and "Every Breath You Take" turned out to be surprisingly meaningful tributes to nursing care. Our talented leader, the daughter of a nurse, added Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" to the list, a song which will definitely make the 2010 roster. (Warning: The current playlist made for a butt-kicking ride, and caused me to consider whether CPR would become part of Nurses Week celebrations at the Y.)

Flo & Bo are going to take a turn hosting Change of Shift in June, and I'm beginning to reflect on a theme. Current contenders include:
  • What's Wrong with the Five Rights: System problems that prevent us from doing our best work. (My favorite involves a med-surg unit where the mean patient age was 82, the most common discharge site was a nursing home, and the most useless nursing activity involved going to Walmart on the evening shift to purchase adult diapers because materials management personnel had left for the day before unloading supplies.)
  • Widgets We Love'd Love to Have: Technology solutions that make--or could make--your life (real or imagined) better. With so much twittering about stimulus funds and health IT solutions, nurses might want to share how practical, tech-medicated solutions could improve work-flow. Gena's CodeBlog post about a tough day in the ICU inspired this line of thinking.
  • All Riding is Therapeutic Riding: Experiences and inspirations that make it easier to be a human.
Leave a comment here if you want to help select a theme. Here's my vote for "All Riding is Therapeutic Riding" from my May garden in Georgia:

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