Monday, May 25, 2009

Want a good idea? Download a free copy of Good Book.

Creating a place on this blog for Flo & Bo's "favorites" is on my "to do" list. Obviously, that's not something that got done this weekend or I wouldn't be force-posting at this late hour.

One of the non-linear sources of inspiration that will surely make the list of favorites when I get them catalogued is Slate magazine's weekly podcast "Gabfest." I say "non-linear" because there is absolutely nothing offered on the weekly Gabfests that has anything to do with "patients" or "safety" (unless one of the hosts has a splinter). But they nevertheless manage to inspire good thoughts about wide-ranging topics.

Here's the take-away: the folks on the Gabfest are allowing fans to download David Plotz' new book, "Good Book," free (until this Friday, 5/29). Use this link to find the details:

I'm already a member of, but I had my son, who is not, download the book yesterday. You don't have to enroll in any trial subscription or provide a credit card number. Just register on the site, then download to itunes or MP3.

I haven't read Plotz' Good Book yet, but I listened to several chapters while gardening today. I was laughing out loud! I hope you'll enjoy it, and listen along with me this week.

Thanks David, Slate, and!

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