Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Change of Shift: Coming Soon

Flo & Bo will be guest-hosting Change of Shift, nursing's vibrant blog-fest, here on June 11. You can expect a salute to communication, what the voices of front line clinicians, consumers, and other interested (and interesting) people mean to healthcare and healing.

As a new blogger, I've benefited from what you share every day and from the variety of engaging ways seasoned bloggers spread the word! I'm looking forward to "showing your stuff" here next week.

All submissions are welcomed. Please include:

Name of blog
URL to blog
Name of post you're submitting
URL/Permalink to the post
Blogger and/or post author
Twitter link (if you want to include one)
A few words about what you're submitting

Send via the blog carnival portal or directly using blynnolson at gmail. I'll be happy to include all received through 6/10 at 5 pm.


Reality Rounds said...

Hey Barb.
I will try and get a post to you in time for Change of Shift. Is communication the theme, or can it be any old post? Thanks for hosting. I am just not brave enough to take the plunge.

Barbara Olson, MS, RN, FISMP said...

All comments welcomed. I'll try and organize them around what they might say about the state of communication in healthcare, optimistic and adventerous person that I am! Maybe I will write a post about what it's like to host. Kim is a great coach and so far, it's been easy, easy (nothing close to what you face OTJ, stress-wise!). Will look forward to your post!

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