Monday, June 15, 2009

Grand Rounds: Searching for meaning

Flo & Bo are pleased to be hosting Grand Rounds, the weekly carnival showcasing the best of the medical blogosphere, on June 23rd.

Since healthcare is abuzz with talk about "meaningful use" this week, send us something you think is meaningful, and we'll fit the pieces together.

Submissions welcomed until 10 pm (EDT) on Sunday, June 21. Send to: blynnolson at gmail dot com & include "Grand Rounds" in the subject line. (This will help me differentiate what's meaningful to you from what's meaningful to the people who seem to think I've won the lottery when I peruse the Spam file.)

Here's the e-prescription:
  • name of blog
  • URL of blog
  • title of post
  • URL of post
  • blog (or post) author
  • twitter URL (if you tweet)
  • brief description of what makes your post or perspective meaningful
See you next week!

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