Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blog carnivals & car dating

I'm always on the lookout for stories, research, and information that says something about where we are in the quest to attain the IOM's "Big 6." (That would be healthcare that's safe, effective, timely, efficient, patient-centered, and equitable). This makes me something of a cheap date since pretty much everything about healthcare worth reading is going to take on at least one of these things.

So I screen a bit harder on the second date, looking for ideas and experiences that I find authentic and those that push me to reflect on these issues in a deeper way. Blog carnivals provide the "Readers Digest" version of what bloggers have written over the past week or so. Sometimes carnival hosts ask for posts on a particular topic, others just ask authors submit their favorites. I've found blog carnivals are a good place to go on a second date.

Here are two that published this week: Grand Rounds and Patients for a Moment. If you go, you'll find front line clinicians and patients telling stories about how the rubber meets the road in healthcare. They're authentic and, if you're like me, you'll probably find some that push you to think more about what, and why, you believe what you do about healthcare reform.

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