Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Patients for a Moment: The cupcake edition

Check out the 5th edition of Patients for a Moment, the bi-weekly blogging carnival by, for, and about patients. You'll find insightful posts, shared by people who have first-hand experience with what's good, bad, and ugly about healthcare.

Here's the post the caused me to look up the correct use of ROTFLMAO: How'd she die? Duncan Cross gets Flo's over-achiever award this week because he managed to pack good, bad, and ugly all in one post!

Americans have been visible in town halls this week sharing, and in some cases shouting, their positions on healthcare insurance reform. I've been surprised that we haven't seen or heard much from business people, like folks in the US auto industry. This would be a good time for a reminder about what happens when an enterprise spends more to insure its workers and retirees than it spends on the raw materials needed to make a car (or a cupcake). And then has to compete in the global economy.

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