Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feeling Silly Saturday

I have a second blog that sits on Medscape's platform. It's a forum where I share medication safety strategies with professionals, and I named it On Your Meds: Straight Talk about Medication Safety. Comments left at On Your Meds are always interesting, often enlightening, funny, and sometimes sad. I think what nurses share there says a lot about the fitness of the systems we use to deliver medications.

I joke that I should have a blog called "Get On Some Meds" or "Stay On Your Meds." Apparently, someone has been listening.

Comments at On Your Meds usually pop up in the week I post something new. So I was surprised to receive a series of notices showing new comments on an old post, entitled, hmmmm, "Not exactly the language of love: Words to identify and prevent errors."

Since error-reporting is a guiding tenet of safety engineering, I thought it might be useful to let others know what happens when you include the words "language of love" and "medication" in the most searchable elements of electronic media, which appears to be the error I made. Can you say "erectile dysfunction spam"?

Unfortunately, none of the cheap generic sildenafil and tadalafil spam I cleared the other day were as amusing as this:

Oh, and by the way: This is not a product endorsement. It's advice about managing a blog. I don't give medical advice, and you should consult a healthcare professional for any problem you might have, including an erection lasting longer than 4 hours. You can find standard safety information about tadalafil and sildenafil here and here.

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