Friday, October 16, 2009

Safety Nurse's Top 25 Tweeps for Patient Safety: October 2009

I'm happy to share this 2nd, updated list of 25 tweeps who are advancing the science of patient safety through Twitter.

This is not a list of "who's who" in the world of patient safety (although tweets hashtagged #ptsafety will frequently take you to the work of patient safety researchers, clinicians, and exemplars). Rather, it's a list I maintain to help me remember how broad the patient safety stakeholder base is and to keep track of key elements that inform patient safety. (A person or entity must be active in the Twitterverse to make the list.)

If you picked my brain this month, this is who I would tell you to follow:
  1. @ahier Prolific and passionate. Interest in healthcare and IT bumps him into #ptsafety on a regular basis. Forward-thinking, sm early adopter, helps spot "how to."
  2. @alinahsu A systems-thinking, Lean enterprise tweep who finds & RTs #ptsafety sensitive information.
  3. @deadbymistake Visible, helping to keep the issue of med errors in the news. Interesting use of Twitter to sustain investigative reporting efforts.
  4. @dirkstanley Hospitalist, CMIO. Did someone already say, "Your doctor is on?" Say it again. Not deep into #ptsafety tweets but follow him to take a pulse from the frontline.
  5. @ePatientDave His "Give me my damn data" cry sets the bar for pt visibility in demanding access and transparency.
  6. @ecri_anderson Editor of ECRI Institute's risk management & #ptsafety publications. Outreach from a PSO insider.
  7. @hospitalrx Long-time advocate of automation. His mission? "Protecting patients & caregivers one bar code at a time."
  8. @IHIOpenSchool Useful tweets from demonstration project engaging next generation of HC professionals. Outreach may be a tipping point for culture change.
  9. @INQRI Researching and communicating nurses' contributions to safety scaffolding. Frequent #ptsafety sensitive tweets & resources.
  10. @improvementmap Another IHI endeavor. Regular RTs of worthy thoughts & ideas beyond their own portfolio (of worthy thoughts & ideas!)
  11. @ismp1 President of ISMP, a nonprofit, multidisciplinary, drug safety agency. Unflinching advocate, now on a PSO platform.
  12. @JCommission Cautious entry into the Twitterverse. Tweets helpful & often #ptsafety sensitive. More please.
  13. @jfahrni Pharmacist, infomatics. Tweets show how change hits the frontline. Exemplary use of the 140 constraint!
  14. @JohnSharp Infomatics research. HIT, the great patient safety enabler, now has a participatory healthcare champion.
  15. @JustinHOPE Parent founder of children's patient advocacy org. Shows that perseverance pays. Pros count on her tweets to find high-end #ptsafety info.
  16. @medusesafety Tweets from the American Society of Medication Safety Officers. Leaders in a high-stakes, interdisciplinary milieu.
  17. @midwifeamy Using participatory healthcare to engage women. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" deserves a voice in #ptsafety. Her blog raises issues that inform safety.
  18. @NPRhealth High-end analysis and links to big pic set-ups that impair health (and #ptsafety). No Happy Meals here.
  19. @paulflevy Hospital CEO who blogs. Models transparency, leader engagement in #ptsafey. Exemplary posts not rare.
  20. @PSeditor Editor HCPro, Inc. Fosters engagement. Nurtures, networks effectively using 2.0 (without shameless self-promotion). Others could emulate.
  21. @quantros Tweets to improve patient safety & reduce medical errors in the US healthcare system from inside a PSO. Always on target.
  22. @SusanCarr Editor, Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare. Models how traditional modes for communicating #ptsafety info can morph. Original tweets always worth a look.
  23. @tully3000 Quality and #ptsafety RN insider willing 2 go outside of the listserv box. Thinker with broad scope of #hc & #hcsm interests. Will be waiting to welcome others.
  24. @writeo 1 of 2 consumer members of OR Pt Safety Commission. Tweets about process & progress of groups like these help others. More, please.
  25. @WSJHealthBlog Obviously, not #ptsafety only, but high profile news informing pt safety is there. Good fodder for systems thinkers.

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