Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Non-Clinical Grand Rounds

Dr. Joseph Kim is hosting Grand Rounds today at a blog devoted to exploring non-clinical medical careers. There's an interesting array of posts over there plus a chance to "shop around" the non-clinical world.

The only thing that made me wince when I took a quick look was that "patient safety" is near the top of the queue. From a blogger's point of view, this is good news, since posts placed high in the Grand Rounds narrative draw more hits to an author's blog. But from a patient safety standpoint, the perception that "patient safety" lives in the non-clinical world is a bad thing.

If you've every heard the expression, "your restaurant is only as as good as the last steak I ate there," you'll understand why. While many interests have a place at the table, the "sweet spot" in patient safety is at the point, often jagged and bleeding, where care is given and received.

There is certainly a science that informs patient safety and legitimate work to be done fostering a culture that recognizes and supports safe care. But if it's not visible at the front lines of care, it's not "patient safety."

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