Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Glad you're here but there are other interesting places to visit, too!

The Tuesday redirect I normally reserve for Grand Rounds is being shared this week. This signifies a warm endorsement of the INQRI blog which today launched a 10 day series commemorating the 10th anniversary of the IOM report To Err is Human. But it doesn't mean that you shouldn't visit Health Technology News (where a good laugh is in store for those who remember Seinfeld & Co's patient adventures).

I've been surprised that the topic of patient safety--measures to prevent inadvertent harm to people who seek care--has received so little mainstream media attention in this very long season of talk about healthcare and reform. The INQRI To Err is Human series is a great place to hear how patient safety intention and outcome are converging, with some of the patient safety advocates who have led the charge taking time out to assess progress.

Check out INQRI in the coming days. There's something for everyone. (Florence herself is learning new things there!)

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INQRI Program said...

Thank you for your wonderful endorsement and for participating in our blog event!
-Heather Kelley at the INQRI program

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