Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who are these people? I don't always know but I'm lucky they're here.

Today is my birthday! And thanks to Facebook and other social media means, I'm able to be connected with people I know, once knew, and am getting to know! This is a blessing I am able to enjoy *virtually* every day! The diversity of people and experiences that make my life rich make me think--in very specific ways-- about precisely who is out there and what the challenges to making healthcare safe, effective, efficient, timely, equitable, and patient-centered really are.  

Here's something that made me smile last week, reprinted with permission from my cousin's Facebook page: 

Nick: "What's this?" 

Dad: "It's a pamphlet that tells you all about the flu shot you just got. You can read it if you want." 

Nick: *reads briefly, then BIG eyes* "I'M GONNA GET PREGNANT?????!!!!"

Thanks Ant and Nick! You left a great reminder that the toughest topics begin with basic steps to help people--all people--understand that when it comes to healthcare, patients are the ones with the biggest dog in the fight!


Seema said...

Here's wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Barb!

Anonymous said...
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