Thursday, April 30, 2009

Change of Shift

The nursing blog carnival, Change of Shift, is up over at CodeBlog. Take a look at posts from blogs written by nurses to get an insider's view of what it's like to try to live, die, heal, and work with dignity in a variety of healthcare settings.

This go round, Change of Shift asked for submissions about being human, a welcome topic for me since preaching from the book of "I'm human, You're human," is occupying a considerable amount of my time these days.

Gina's post about a day in the ICU should be required reading for anyone who has not yet decided to get on board the "systems-thinking" bus. I think it was Don Berwick, CEO at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, who said, "Every system is uniquely designed to give you the precise results you are obtaining." Berwick's wry words explain why the U.S. gets nothing-to-boast-about health outcomes at economy-cracking prices: that's what our care delivery system is engineered to produce. Gina's chronicle of advocacy and despair is worth reading more than once.

I'm leaving you with a YouTube link to the song of the day: "Human," by the unfortunately named band, The Killers. (Sometimes, you just can't catch a break! Just ask Gina.)

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