Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gifts that keep on giving

This week at Grand Rounds, DiabetesMine blogger Amy is celebrating her birthday with stories full of good things. Florence dot com is over there, misbehaving with a story about Ring Dings, a move that might end my short blogging career.

I really liked the post about banana-split jelly beans (and not just because Ring Ding jellybeans might help Paula Poundstone and Michael Pollan bridge the gap between food and edible food-like substances).

In the spirit of Amy's birthday, I'm posting links to things I think are worth passing along to your friends, family, and patients:

  • AHRQ has a few 30 second public service announcements that are worth viewing (if they haven't already shown up at commercial breaks during Grey's Anatomy and House in your ad market). Seeing a healthcare provider like a waiter or a cell phone salesman may interfere with some healthcare mojo, but it's a necessary first step in getting people care they need and would actually like to have. I like the 3rd video in which healthcare workers burst into song to elicit questions from patients. (Even though the spot reminds me, somewhat uncomfortably, of the sign at my hairdressers' that says, "I'm a beautician, not a magician.") The AHRQ folks get an "A" for casting that one.

  • The Institute for Safe Medication Practice's ConsumerMedSafety website has a handy link that allows consumers to log their medications, creating a readily accessible medication list sharable amongst all providers. The added benefit is that e-mail messages are provided to the consumer should a medication alert, recall, or potential interaction be identified. The service is offered in partnership with iGuard.

Enjoy these, and visit Amy's blog for links to more things that will inspire you to have a great day!

Coming Friday: Reducing risk with IV pediatric infusions. Read Part 1 and Part 2 and get ready to compare your analysis with mine!

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