Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grand Rounds

This week, Leslie is hosting an interesting discussion for Grand Rounds, reflecting on the way life used to be. Since my experience has been that some of the best thinking and most creative solutions to tough problems come from non-linear approaches, I was happy to see how many different ways healthcare bloggers took on the challenge to reflect about change.

And kudos to Leslie for linking all the submissions in such a cohesive way!

I'm in-between posts, writing more about what sunken ships and old Swedes tell us about safety in healthcare systems today. The story of the Vasa, Lessons from a Sunken Ship, and a short analysis is included at Grand Rounds under "The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same."

Leslie has given me something to think about as I write the follow-up piece to Lessons from a Sunken Ship. She saw my post as calling for regulatory measures to ensure that the wisdom of the frontline is heard. (Something, I'm afraid, likely to cement my husband's darkening opinion about my thought processes.)

I'm actually more interested in ways to influence culture, ways to promote a culture of safety, that are less linear than regulations and standards tend to be. Our "company manners" will only get us so far. I want to be at the table when only the family is home!

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